What is Grumbles?

Grumbles helps people with find meals around them when going out to eat. Our app takes your food preferences (likes, dislikes, allergies, and dietary restrictions) and shows you photos of all the meals around you that best fit your taste profile. Each time you use the app to check in your meal, your taste profile grows allowing Grumbles to show you meals you’ll definitely enjoy!

Are you a Foodie? Or do you have a specific dietary restriction?

Grumbles is looking for your to help catalog your favorite restaurant meals that pass the test! Whether you’re a restaurant connoisseur or have a dietary restriction such as Celiac Disease, a nut allergy, are a strict Vegan, or just don’t like spicy food, Grumbles would like to work with you to build a community in the Phoenixville area. Our aim is to create a place where you can find and share meal experiences with people who have similar taste preferences with a focus on the food.