5 Benefits Of Bakery Cakes In 3D​

5 Benefits Of Bakery Cakes In 3D

Now customers can truly appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship

Own a bakery? Aspiring Pastry Chef looking to stand out? Design custom cakes that future customers just need to see to believe? Trying to get your wedding cakes “in front” of as my fiancé’s as possible? This one’s for you!

1. Does 2D really do me justice?

Augmented reality (AR) technology has revolutionized the way we showcase our artistic creations. Instead of traditional flat 2D photos, AR allows bakers to display their cakes in a more realistic and interactive way.

Imagine your next customer’s face when they can simply point their smartphones at their table and actually see the size, shape, and details of your cakes in 3D right in their dining room!

With AR, you can create virtual images of your cakes that can be viewed from all angles, giving customers a better understanding of the design and overall presentation of the cake. 

2. Built-in shareability

Imagine the response you’ll get when your customers start sharing that same 3D experience with their friends and family. This is your word-of-mouth marketing on a silver platter…or should we say cake stand 🎂

There are no guarantees customers will be beating down your door right away but it’s a good practice that before launching you make sure your website’s contact form is still working and all the places you have your phone number are correct.  

These virtual images can be shared on social media, websites, and digital in-store displays, making it easier to reach a wider local audience by giving your best customers an excuse to talk about you.

The use of AR in cake design allows you to showcase your skills in a more dynamic and engaging way, making it easier for customers to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating those beautiful cakes.

3. Your cakes in your pocket

SCENE: A dinner party at a friend’s house.

FRIEND’S FRIEND: You make custom wedding cakes?!? Cool, can you show me one? 

YOU: I’ll do ya one better 😉

Seeing an augmented reality cake on your kitchen table

4. Saves Time

For you and for them. 

The pandemic has brought forth a whole new mindset and the current consumer. Online shopping has become the new normal and more people are finding creative ways of getting their products online.

This shouldn’t take the place of a consultation with an actual human.  Many customers still need the reassuring comfort that there are actual caring people on the other side of this transaction.

But it’s now on its way to swapping many in-person consultations in phone calls, and phone calls to emails saving you time as customers’ comfort level with you increases.

5. Customer's do their research

Baking professionals familiar with the “customer buying/decision journey” know, the majority of their customers begin their search digitally. With the pandemic, these numbers only grew stronger.

Often customers are deciding between 2 or more bakeries online. The standouts move to the “next phase” of the buyer’s journey (a phone call, an online inquiry form, an in-store visit, etc.) while the others are forgotten.

And with 77% of shoppers using a mobile device to search for products (Source: Salsify), AR/3D puts the power of online “WOW” in your potential customers’ pockets. 

The Future is Now

3D augmented reality food photos are quickly becoming the new norm in the food photography industry. Wait, new norm?? And I’m just hearing about it now?

That’s right and chances are your customers and competition haven’t heard too much about this either which gives you the “first-mover” advantage to really stand out in your area. 

Enterprising bakers can do this now and even further savviness will get you there on a budget or next to nothing!

Don’t just sit there! Do something today that brings you one step closer to getting your Augmented Reality cakes in front of more potential customers and filling your baking schedules!

Wanna get started and not sure how? Check out our other post: 7 Steps to 3D Food Scanning and see how you can get your cake in front of my customers yourself!